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PIPERS is an Australian owned, family company with industry experience of over 60 years. The long-standing debate around the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen as aesthetic living space as well as the exploration of recurring activities and new technologies drive us to keep asking questions that lead to new ideas & products. We are continuously redesigning & cultivating. Read more...

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PIPERS is delighted to release the new Flexicryl Splashback Range. You can choose from 5 popular colours; Black Arabia, Red Kiss, Aqua Marine, White Soy & Chai Latte! High gloss & hygenic, Flexicryl offers a clean, smooth surface, as an alternative or to compliment tiles! Flexicryl is an acrylic type product that requires special care when cutting. Check out the sizes here.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We are always looking at ways to offer our customers more value & we have developed a new eco range of showers you will never need chemicals on your glass again, look out for the Clean Green symbol. If the clean green symbol appears it means we have treated your glass with a nano coating, making your glass easy to clean. As glass is porous this coating acts to seal and protect your glass Read more here.

Shower Screens 2016

Choose from frameless shower screens, contemporary semi-frameless, or functional bath screens in multiple configurations and sizes plus we custom make shower screens here in Melbourne! We are delighted to bring to you an exclusive and extensive range designed for your lifestyle. Pipers also provide professional installation - don't touch a thing! Contact us here for a quote. 

Check out our latest range of stunning designs, we hope you love them just as much as we do!

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Frameless shower must knows!

Frameless shower screens are popular for their solid and seamless design. However what you need to remember is that the design of your screens and shower rose are important considerations to prevent future disappointment with your shower screen leaking water all... Read more

25-03-2011 Pipers Blog

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Are you about to renovate your bathroom?

Bathrooms renovations whether they are DIY or using skilled tradesmen need to be well designed and planned. Some people are so motivated by magazine photos and the desired end look it's hard for them to really think about the functionality... Read more

24-03-2011 Pipers Blog

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Cleaning your shower

There are so many caustic cleaners out in the market place. To be on the safe side for your health we recommend using natural cleaners. No need for harsh chemicals or abrasives such as bleach or steel wool, simply use... Read more

24-03-2011 Pipers Blog

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Easy to maintain showers

Easy to maintain shower designAre you sick of cleaning your old mouldy tiles?Design your shower with splashback glass walls, making it super speedy to wipe down your walls and no need to worry about scrubbing grout!There are endless colour options... Read more

24-03-2011 Pipers Blog

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PIPERS International is proud to supply you with cutting edge glass designs innovated through extensive research & development to fit in with your lifestyle. Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Hobart, Rockhampton, Canberra... Read more


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